Mary Taylor & Associates

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London    Dubai    New York

The Leading Global Specialist Consultancy and Private Investor Firm

We are a multi-award-winning specialist consultancy firm dedicated to assisting our clients to achieve the best possible returns from their businesses as well as from asset-backed luxury investments.

We are true global pioneers providing bespoke, guaranteed and insured services to revolutionise how our clients maximise their capital and time for the best outcomes.

Business Coach

Strategic relationships to better serve our clients


Businesses can produce excellent returns on capital investment if optimally structured, operated, and managed.

Our business consultancy services function differently. We are accountable for clearly defined outcomes and we don’t retain fees unless we meet these.

Our executive consultancy specialists serve elite professionals.


Average return on investment from our consultancy fees


Luxury asset investments have performed exceptionally well in recent years, providing quality diversification and hedging.

Our expert consultants work through a global network of specialists to give our clients access to some of the rarest, and most profitable investment opportunities.

All asset investments are insured with regulated third parties.

Average annual return from a selection of asset investments

Strategic relationships to better serve our clients

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